Terms and Conditions
1) NO REFUNDS under any circumstances except at the sole discretion of the server ownership whereby such case it is impossible to deliver your bought package.
2) The purchase of any product constitutes express authorization has been given by you to charge your payment method and you agree not to refund or charge-back your payment method.
3) If you are a minor or using another person's payment method: by purchasing any product, you constitute that you have been given express authorization to use the payment method.
4) All products are not transferable regardless of account ownership.
5) Your rank will never expire for the entire existence of the server unless punished for abusing abilities.
6) You have read and accepted the server rules by performing /RULES on the server and agree to follow them unless given express authorization to do otherwise.
7) We gladly accept international currencies and guest checkout is available from PayPal.
8) Any disputes or chargebacks will result in a permanent ban from the XertzmMc Network.

Thank you for reading the terms and conditions.